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With computers in American homes being equal to or perhaps more numerous than television sets, and with the Internet becoming a preeminent and multifaceted communication tool,  businesses cannot longer ignore its value as a marketing and transactional tool.

The Chamber,  cognizant of this fact,  offers its members the opportunity to advertise on its multiple websites in order to help them promote their brand names,  open new markets and reach consumers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and,  if necessary,  anywhere in the world.  The investment on online advertising is pennies a day compared to static advertisement on both legacy print and electronic (radio and television) media.


Internet marketing,  also referred to as web-marketing or online-marketing,  is the offering of products or services over the Internet.  A unique and dominant quality of Internet marketing is its interactive nature,  i.e.,  it provides nearly instant search,  retrieval and delivery of information and elicits rapid responses from a motivated user.

Moreover,  the enriched multimedia experiences made possible by advances in software and broadband technologies and the proliferation of sophisticated Internet security tools have fueled the growth of virtual stores at the expense of brick-and-mortar business models.  Not surprisingly,  activities as diverse as distance learning,  auctions,  getting insurance estimates,  purchasing goods and services,  banking and political campaigns have made extraordinary use of the Internet. The effect on the advertising industry itself has been profound.  In just a few years,  online advertising has grown to be worth tens of billions of dollars annually.

The various forms of Internet marketing—webpages, email, wireless media, online advertising—are not only interconnected and omnipresent  (nearly everywhere, anytime),  but they include the electronic management of customer data and customer relationship management systems.

Because of automated capture, retrieval and storage of customer data,  Internet marketers also have the advantage of measuring statistics timely,  easily and inexpensively through the use of web analytics software.  Nearly all aspects of an Internet marketing initiative can be traced,  measured and tested.  Generally,  online marketing campaigns require users to click on an advertisement,  visit a website,  and perform a targeted action,  thus providing a unique opportunity to track and measure results immediately.  Online surveys are another quick and inexpensive tool available to today's marketers.  Such measurements cannot be easily achieved through legacy electronic and print media since neither one offers opportunity for immediate response.

Bottom-Line Reasons Why You Should Advertise on the MAHCC Websites

The MAHCC websites are a trusted source for regional,  business and consumer information receiving on average 500,000 UNIQUE visits annually,  i.e.,  visitors who browse two or more webpages per visit. Your message reaches a targeted and engaged audience when you advertise with us.

  • The Mid-Atlantic region, particularly the Greater Washington, DC area, continues to grow at historically high rates, and the MAHCC is poised also to grow significantly in the coming years;
  • For the past 50 years,  our Chamber leadership has been an eyewitness to the growth of the Hispanic community and,  therefore,  it has an unrivaled,  in-depth,  real-time experience across a 40-year timeline about Hispanic demographics and about Latino consumer's needs,  concerns,  diversity of cultures,  acculturization and assimilation patterns,  and spending habits;
  • Hispanics are being drawn to a Washington metropolitan area that’s the wealthiest and best- educated region of the past five years,  according to census estimates for 2005 through 2009.  The only three communities with median household incomes higher than $100,000 are all in suburban counties in Virginia.  Maryland saw income levels in Howard County grow at the eighth- fastest pace in the U.S. since 2000.  Not suprisingly,  the region has one of most educated and best paid Latino population in the nation (Source: U.S. Census, February 2011); and,
  • The and its 20 independently hosted and managed chapter websites create a powerful force multiplier in the Internet for you to promote your brand name and your products and services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region,  the United States and the world.

Moreover, the MAHCC with its own powerful IT infrastructure continues to make substantial investments such as mobile web applications,  broadband technologies,  branding its 21 websites in the social media and promoting them in the printed and electronic media with targeted advertisement, as well as regular contact via email broadcasts with members, other business owners and consumers who have voluntarily provided us with their email addresses or have joined our free online email subscriptions.

Hispanics and other minorities in the Mid-Atlantic Region have one of the highest rates of access to both Internet and mobile web applications in the country.  The Washington, DC Metro Market Area is among the top 10 local Internet markets by "unique" visits (Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, September 2007).  Also,  Latinos are one of the fastest growing minority in the DC Metro Region and have a higher educational status,  higher paying jobs and, therefore,  more affluency than their counterparts elsewhere in the U.S. 

Consider a few facts:

  • In 2006, Hispanics controlled about $798 billion in buying power, defined as total personal income after taxes available for spending. Projections indicate that Hispanic buying power will rise to $1.04 billion by 2012, growing 4.5 percent annually in real terms;
  • Hispanic spending fostered the creation of 13.3 million additional jobs and $463.7 billion in extra labor income. Hispanic spending indirectly was responsible for an additional $109.5 billion in federal tax revenues and $84.9 billion extra local and state tax receipts;
  • The impact of Hispanic spending on the demand for industrial and office space is substantial.  In 2006, Hispanic spending is estimated to have generated a total of 588,865 industrial jobs,  which in turn are estimated to have fostered a demand for 749 million square feet of industrial space across the country;
  • Likewise, Hispanic spending in 2006 was responsible for a total of 1,151,237 office jobs, which created a demand for 324 million square feet of office space;
  • The Hispanic share of the U.S. population jumped from 7.4% in 1982 to 15.0% in 2007 and is expected to top 21.1% by 2027; 
  • Nearly one million,  two hundred and fifty thousand Hispanics live in the Mid-Atlantic Region. As of 2006, Virginia (495,000) had the highest concentration of Hispanics followed by Maryland (473.468).  Sixty percent of Hispanics living in Virginia are U.S. citizens, with the majority being U.S.-born, and 13 percent naturalized;
  • Adult Hispanic citizens surpass Virginians overall in both educational attainment and household income.  The remaining 40 percent of Virginia’s Hispanics are non-citizen immigrants. They are, in general,  less educated, less affluent and more likely to lack health insurance than the population as a whole;
  • U.S. Census Bureau projections indicate that there will be 132 million Hispanics in the U.S. by 2050, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the total U.S. population;
  • Starting in 1982,  the U.S. Hispanics have grown four times faster than the total population;
  • As a group, Hispanics are younger than the United States population overall. The median age for Hispanics is 27.3 years of age, compared to 39 years for non-Hispanic whites and 36.4 years for the U.S. as a whole; and,
  • Hispanics are likely to have a longer life expectancy than non-Hispanics. Hispanic men who were age 65 in 2005 can expect to live to age 85, compared to age 81 for American men overall. Hispanic women who were age 65 in 2005 can expect to live to age 88, compared to age 85 for all women in the U.S.

Publication Guidelines:

Important Notice: Website advertising is available to Chamber Members only. Ad placement is not guaranteed until signed contract and payment are received.

Publication Dates: Except in special circumstances, advertising will go online 30 days after receiving contract and payment.

Deadline: All space reservations and materials, including articles, must be submitted by the 15th of the month preceding publication start date.

Artwork: Art with the Publisher's prescribed dimensions in pixels should be submitted in jpeg or gif format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 15th of the month preceding publication start date.

There are four types of available ads:

1. Top banner in homepage: 468 px (w) - 60px (h) ;

2. Ads in right column of page share the same width but the height varies acording to size:

a) Small: 270 px (w); 130px (w); $200 per two months; Renewal for two additional months, $150:

b) Medium: 270 px (w); 200px (w)$300 per two months; Renewal for two additional months,  $200.

c) Large: 270 px (w); 300px (w); $350 per two months; Renewal for two additional months, $250.

NOTE; GIF animation up to three (3) slides, please add 50% of the price of the ad.

Articles: Images and article in a Word document for "Featured Member" should be submitted directly via email..  Articles should be limited to 500 words.  Images should be submitted as png, gif or jpeg format. Publisher reserves to edit all articles for space and/or content if deemed necessary. $300 per month, one-month renewal for $150.

Payment: Fees are due in full by the 15th of the month preceding publication date.  Fees are non-refundable and must be accompanied by completed contracts.

Disclaimer and Limitations:

  • All advertisements accepted and published by the MAHCC (Publisher) upon the representation that the agency/advertiser will indemnify and hold Publisher harmless from and against any loss or expense resulting from such claims or suits based on content or subject matter of such advertisements, including without limitation, claims or suits for libel, violation of privacy, plagiarism and copyright of infringement;  
  • Publisher cannot be responsible for misprints, typographical errors, etc.; and,
  • Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising not meeting acceptable standards and policies as set by the MAHCC.
The Mid-Atlantic region, particularly the Greater Washington, DC area, continues to grow at historically high rates;
The region has one of most educated and more highly paid Latino population in the nation;
The MAHCC is poised to grow significantly in the coming years; and,
For the past 50 years, the Chamber leadership has been an eyewitness to the growth of the Hispanic community and, therefore, the Chamber has an unrivaled, in-depth, real-time experience about Hispanic demographics and opportunities throughout the region.
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