Board Committees

commitee   The work of the Chamber is carried out by regular or (standing) committees and by special (ad hoc) committees. Members of the Board of Directors are required to serve in at least one committee. General members are encouraged to join a committee and to contribute time and expertise. By working in a committee, members help move the MAHCC mission forward.

Standing and ad hoc committees are created by the Board of Directors. The most important committees are:

Regular (Standing) Committees

Legislative and Political Advocacy

The Legislative Committee monitors, evaluates, reports, and makes recommendations concerning proposed local, regional and national legislation which could have an impact upon Hispanic Businesses as well as such any proposed legislation that could affect the integrity and well-being of the Hispanic workforce and Hispanic community at large. Proposed legislation that may affect the assigned area of a Standing Committee are generally coordinated with that committee. During primary, general or special electoral campaigns, the Committee organizes political forums. The wok of the committee remains always scrupulously nonpartisan.


This committee conducts membership drives, evaluate eligibility of applicants for membership, bill for and collect membership dues, transmit to the Treasurer all dues collected with identity of member and year, maintain the membership records, and perform such other tasks as may be assigned by the Board of Directors. The Membership Committee tries to involve the Board of Directors and the entire membership to become successful recruiters in order for the Chamber to grow and proper.

Financial Oversight

The Financial Oversight Committee develops the annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors at a meeting preceding the new year. The Committeee works closely with the Treasurer and the Fundraising Committee and, in conjunction with the Board and other committees, identifies opportunities to enhance revenue sources for the Chamber.

Economic and Workforce Development

The committee monitors, evaluates, reports, and make recommendations concerning new or existing opportunities for economic development, changes in technology that may affect business markets, procurement trends and opportunities in the private and public sectors, and identifying sources of investment capital. It places particular emphasis in empowering women to establish businesses and in improving the overall economic climate for small businesses. It identifies, studies, and become knowledgeable about the activities of government offices of economic development in Maryland and meets periodically with government officials. It organizes annually meetings with representatives from the government and academic sectors to receive information about opportunities for workforce and business development in the region. It works closely with the Legislation Committee to monitor and influence proposed legislation that impacts on its areas of purview. The Committee organizes meeting and workshops for the purpose of educating the general membership about economic and workforce development trends.

Networking Events & Fundraising

This committee strives to develop a comprehensive networking event program that fosters an increased interaction among member businesses with the purpose of improving a climate of cooperation and growth. The Committee works closely with and will be supported by the Membership Committee. Among activities that the Networking Committee may sponsor are Networking Breakfasts, Business Leaders Luncheons, and After-Work Business events. All events are self-sustaining through contributions by participating member businesses and corporate sponsors. Also, the committee identifies potential contributors in order to bring additional revenues through the Chamber’s Corporate Pillar Program and other events. It encourages members of the Board of Directors to actively recruit corporate sponsors.

International Trade

This Committee monitors, evaluates, reports, and makes recommendations concerning the promotion of trade and commerce between Maryland and surrounding states and Latin American, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.


The Education Committee develops educational and training programs in the form of seminars, lectures and workshops in order to increase the business knowledge of the membership. It coordinates educational efforts with federal agencies such as the General Service Administration and the Small Business Administration, and with community colleges and universities.

Government Procurement

The Government Procurement Committee identifies major procurement programs and initiatives at the local, state and Federal governments. The Committee meets with government leaders at the agency and cabinet levels to advocate for procurement opportunities for Hispanic-owned businesses. Also, it participates in procurement fairs that bring together interested businesses and government agencies. Together with the Legislative Committee, it maintains close relationship with the legislative and executive branches at all levels of government. It meets with procurement officers as needed. The Committee encourages the formation of business sectors within the membership in order to provide a critical mass of companies with similar or complementary areas of expertise. The committee collaborates with the Education Committee in developing educational programs towards procurement certification opportunities.

Special (Ad Hoc) Committees


This committee is appointed when there is a proposal from the Board of Directors to modify the by-laws. The Committee reports its recommendations to the Board of Directors via the Executive Committee.


The Nominating Committee is responsible for helping identify the future leadership of the Chamber and strengthen corporate governance. Nominations for election to the Board of Directors in writing that are accompanied by resume(s) or bio(s) may be received directly from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, other officers and members of the Board, and members.

In addition, the Committee seeks and reviews nominations annually for Boar members and prepares a slate of candidates to present to the Board at a regular meeting at least 20 days prior to the Annual General membership Meeting that is held in the month of November. The Nominating Committee proposes names of candidates for each slot or vacancy. The Board of Directors shall submit the names of the nominees to the general membership at least fourteen (14) days prior to the annual membership meeting. The work of the Nominating Committee is confidential and no records are kept of the transaction except a copy of the final report to the Board of Directors presenting the slate of candidates.

Annual Gala

The Annual Gala Committee is concerned with the planning, organization, and execution of the Annual Gala and Awards Dinner and of any other special social event as determined by the Board of Directors. It will work closely with the Networking Events & Fundraising Committee.

Annual Legislative Reception – Annapolis

The Legislative Reception Committee will be primarily concerned with the planning, organization, and execution of the Annual Legislative Reception and of any other special social event related to Legislation and political advocacy as determined by the Board of Directors. It will work closely with the Networking Events & Fundraising Committee and the Legislative and Political Advocacy Committee.


At the request of the Board of Directors, the Ethics Committee will investigate and make determinations about unethical behavior or conflict of interest by any board member or officer. Its deliberations will be confidential and records will remain sealed unless required by law.

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