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Mission / Vision

vision_missionMission Statement

As a regional organization, the Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce advocates for economic, workforce and community development,  and helps lead efforts to unify and strengthen Hispanic and non-Hispanic businesses in the Mid-Atlantic region by:

  • Promoting economic development in general, and helping members start, grow, finance and manage their businesses;
  • Expanding training opportunities for present and future entrepreneurs;
  • Advocating for increased workforce preparedness in management, science, technology, mathematics, engineering and business management, particularly within the Hispanic and other minority communities;
  • Providing personalized, high-value services to our members in order to reduce entry barriers that hinder new business formation and to increase access to new markets here and abroad;
  • Helping gain access to capital for members who would like to start new businesses or expand existing ones; and,
  • Advancing the overall socio-economic and political interests of the Hispanic community and of women and minorities in general.

Vision Statement


To be knowledgeable, strong and influential leaders in advocating for the needs, concerns and aspirations of Hispanic and non-Hispanic small businesses in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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