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Terms and Conditions

We strive to create and ensure for our Members a professionally rewarding and enjoyable experience throughout their period of membership with the Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (“the Chamber”).  We also hope that Members will make every reasonable effort to benefit fully from all the programs,  services and opportunities we offer and to contribute to further the Chamber's mission.

The following terms and conditions, therefore, define membership in the Chamber:

  1. The Membership is with the Chamber, a 501(c)6 which operates as a network of Chapters or local "Chambers".  Chapters are not separate legal entities but dues-paying Members choose one of the local Chapters to serve as their primary "Chamber."  Having chosen a Chapter or primary "Chamber" does not preclude the Member from participating in the programs and activities of other Chapters but he/she cannot participate in the management of Chapters other than his/her primary Chapter.
  2. There is no "Individual Membership."  Membership is open to bona fide businesses and government agencies,  nonprofits and other business and trade associations regardless of their location.  Businesses do not need to be based in the Mid-Atlantic area of service (Delaware,  Pennsylvania,  West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia) in order to become members. Chamber membership is open to businesses and their subsidiaries, but generally not to departments within these organizations,  except in the case of government agencies;
  3. When joining the chamber, the choice of a local "Chamber" or Chapter may determine some of the communication the Member will receive from the Chamber but, again it does not restrict in any way the Member’s rights to attend any events or use services provided by any local Chapter other than his primary one;
  4. Whether a Member is a for-profit or a not-for-profit entity,  membership is a business entitlement rather than a personal one.  Member employees are,  therefore,  therefore entitled to all the Chamber benefits and services when working on behalf of their dues-paying Member employer;
  5. Regardless of membership levels, annual membership runs from January 1 through December 31.
  6. Should a prospective member join the Chamber for the first time, membership dues will be prorated according to the time of the year during which they joined. Therefore, when joining in the first trimester (January 1 through end of March) dues are 100% of established rate; during the second trimester (April 1 through the end of June) are 75% of full rate; and in the third trimester (July 1 through the end of October) dues are 50% of established rate. Members who join in the last two months of the year (November 1 through  December 31) do not pay for these two months but must pay in advance for the following year.  Membership starts when the Chamber receives payment and the business entity has been notified in writing that its annual dues have been collected.  Annual membership renewal is due on the first day of January;
  7. Starting with the second year,  membership for all Members is for a renewable period of 12 months.  Members will automatically be invoiced for membership renewal during November of the preceding year;
  8. The Chamber Membership fee is non-refundable and Membership is non-transferable.
  9. Single Membership entitles the Member to one standard entry and up to three (3) classification entries in the Directory, all under one company name. Similarly only one company name can be used for any of the other Chamber publications.
  10. General Membership dues are based on the number of employees. It is expected that the Member company will inform the Chamber whenever there are personnel changes that may impact on membership costs.  Moreover, the Member is responsible to updating his/her contact information with the Chamber;.
  11. Membership fees are assessed in several ways:
    • Business Memberships based on the combined number of employees in all locations:
      • Small Business: 1-9 Employees
      • Small Business: 10-19 Employees
      • Small Business: 20-50 Employees
    • Nonprofit Memberships based on Revenue
      • Nonprofit (<$2 Million)
      • Nonprofit (>$2 Million)
    • Local, State or Federal Agencies regardless of size
    • Corporate or Regional Membership - over 51 employees. Benefits are outlined in the Chamber's Corporate Pillar Program:
      • Corporate Bronze
      • Corporate Silver
      • Corporate Gold
      • Corporate Diamond
      • Corporate Platinum
  12. As a benefit of membership the Chamber updates on almost a daily basis an online membership directory that list all the Business Members together with general contact information about the business including name of the business, name and title of the contact person, business address, phone and fax number, email and website.  In addition, Member information may appear on email broadcasts, newsletters and other publications.
  13. The Chamber regularly communicates with Members by email, telephone, website and social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin. We contact our Members with information that we believe could be of interest to them.  By entering into this agreement,  you agree to be contacted by the Chamber.
  14. From time to time Members may be contacted by the Chamber’s carefully selected partners in order to make Members aware of certain membership benefits or business opportunities. Partners' communications will conspicuously identify the Chamber as the authorizing agency for the contact. In questionable situations, Members are encouraged to call the Chamber immediately at 240-686-0055.
  15. Members are entitled and encouraged to take advantage of the various opportunities the Chamber offers but a Member should never feel obligated to use any of the products and services offered by the Chamber or its partners. Any agreement between the Member and Chamber’s partners are strictly between the two parties, and are not the responsibility of the Chamber.
  16. Regardless of Membership Category, the various membership benefits are subject to change without notice and are subject to terms and conditions available from the Chamber.
  17. By signing this form you are entering into a legal agreement to join the Chamber. You may cancel the agreement by giving the Chamber a written notice within 14 days of the date of the agreement.
  18. The Membership is subject to Chamber Board approval and the Chamber reserves a right to refuse Membership without disclosing any reason.
  19. Membership is subject to the provisions of our by-laws and applicable Chamber policies (available on request). In the event of a conflict between these Terms & Conditions and the by-laws, the by-laws shall prevail.
  20. The Chamber shall have no liability for any losses suffered by a Member as a result of using services offered by a fellow Member. The Chamber shall have no responsibility for advice given or services provided by its third party service providers even though the Chamber may have introduced such providers to the Member.

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