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member_in_newsDo you have a newsworthy happening in your business or professional life?  Tell us about it.  Advocating for our members is of paramount importance to us.  We assiduously cultivate relationships with news editors and business reporters to make sure that our members' significant professional and/or business accomplishments and civic and community contributions are recognized.

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Seven-time World Kickboxing Champion Marco Sies has mastered a great deal more than martial arts. He has a flourishing business, a great family and an unrelenting positive attitude. "I have such a wonderful life," gushes the business owner and motivational speaker.  Sies says his debut book, "The Master Method, 4 Steps to Success, Prosperity and Inner Peace," is his way of extending the methods that have long worked for him to a larger audience.

With snowstorms, terror strikes and tropical storms, Lee Barnes has navigated his taxi business through a lot of adversity over the years. That includes recent struggles to keep his Barwood fleet running efficiently through this winter's historic bad weather.

Ask a chef of Spanish cuisine about the proper way to make paella, and you'd probably get a slightly different answer each time. The rich jumble of meats, vegetables and savory spices thrown into a large plate of rice screams for variety and, among the adventurous, improvisation.

Many years ago and more than 2,000 miles away, Jorge Retana's biggest challenge was figuring a way out of tending cattle and lugging lumber for his father's businesses. There had to be more out there in life, Retana thought to himself as a young man in Costa Rica.

Monday, 31 December 2007 19:41

Business reflects on 2007

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Many business professionals who looked back on 2007 are hopeful and optimistic about the coming year.  In a survey of a few business men and women by The Frederick News-Post's business section, many commented on the impact on the economy created by risky subprime mortgage loans that led to a flood of foreclosures. The ripple effects of the housing collapse were felt widely outside of just the real estate industry.

When Kenneth Weiss earned a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University in 1964,  he expected to make a living in retail. After working in the field for a few months,  he realized it wasn't for him.

José W. Flores thanks God every day. If it weren’t for him, Flores says, he wouldn’t have escaped war-torn El Salvador some 22 years ago. He wouldn’t have pursued his love of construction, and he wouldn’t have started his own company.

Wednesday, 07 December 2005 19:21

Made in the USA

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Michael Planz tries to buy American-made products even if it costs him a little more.  But he may be in the minority.  It's no secret that the "Made in America" label is harder to find these days.  As retailers are deluged by holiday shoppers and people complain about jobs being sent overseas,  a number of area residents shared their thoughts about buying goods made in the United States.

Friday, 29 July 2005 12:22

Banking on Luis

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Luis Lobo, a native of Costa Rica, has been successful adapting to change during his banking career. Lobo moving from Frederick position to take post in D.C. as Washington regional president for BB&T. Luis Lobo talks a lot about change management ­ and knows what he's talking about because he's done a lot of it. He's changed countries, states and many cities along the way to being a regional president for BB&T Bank.

Whether it's about growth vs. no growth,  land use and government regulation issues,  affordable housing,  jobs,  venture capital or water supply,  business people's insights on the state of commerce in Frederick County have made for revealing narrative in the past.

Monday, 08 November 2004 18:16

A blueprint for success

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Hard work alone is not enough to attain goals. Hard work combined with the right attitude in any situation defines the map of the steps we take toward our goals.  That's according to Luis G. Lobo, in his newly published book -- "It Is Your Attitude."

Hispanics, the fastest growing ethnic group and largest minority in the United States, are increasingly calling Frederick home. As their population soars, so, too, does their buying power, and local companies are doing whatever it takes to ensure they get their business from the very first "hola."

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