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Bertucci's - Dupont Circle, DC

1218-1220 Connecticut Ave. , Washington, District of Columbia 20036

202 463 7733

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Just like a hearth in a home, there is a brick oven in every Bertucci's restaurant. For over 30 years, since our first kitchen opened in the Davis Square neighborhood of Somerville, MA in 1981, we've been perfecting the art of brick oven cooking. From the beginning, we've built a tradition of creating unique pizzas and pasta combinations. These recipes all share some very important things in common. We use only the freshest ingredients, and we take the time to make each by hand.

Today, 90 Bertucci's restaurants are firing up brick ovens from New England to Virginia, each reflecting the distinct character and local charm of their community. But like the original Bertucci's, every kitchen is also open, making our brick oven part of the restaurant experience. We believe that watching your food being prepared is an integral part to enjoying it. With a strong and dedicated commitment to hospitality, we welcome you as our guest, and we promise to always treat you as part of the Bertucci's family.

All of our dishes are handcrafted and made to order:

  • Our dough is made from scratch and given the proper time to rise. You'll find its freshness in our signature rolls, delicious focaccia bread and artisan pizzas.
  • Our vegetables are chopped and roasted early each morning and again in small batches throughout the day.
  • Our tomato sauces for pizza and pasta dishes are made from scratch daily with our own blend of tomatoes and hand cut fresh herbs. The tomatoes for our sauces are grown exclusively for Bertucci's in California. The tomatoes are harvested and blended to Bertucci's specifications each year. They are then packed and shipped each fall so every Bertucci's restaurant can prepare our homemade tomato sauces throughout the year.

We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our process, and we believe it's a difference you can taste in every dish on our menu.

What's so special about our signature brick oven? In a word, everything. They cook at an intense heat that locks in freshness and enhances the natural flavors of everything, from our pizza and pasta to our vegetables and seafood. They reach cooking temperatures of 675 degrees, and the radiant flame from below the oven floor touches 1150 degrees. At such high temperatures, cooking in the brick oven becomes a real art.

Each oven is slightly different, so no two dishes cook exactly the same. Our brick-oven cooking is divided into three lanes. Dishes are moved within the lanes depending how they cook. Pizzas, for example, start in the coolest part of the oven and are rotated closer to the flame upon completion. Many pizza cooks "dome" the pizza, holding it close to the circular ceiling of the oven to caramelize the cheese and other toppings.

At Bertucci's, our brick-oven chefs are true artists. They are up bright and early every morning to light the fires and prepare our fresh vegetables for roasting. We continue to roast our vegetables in small batches throughout the day.

Next time you are in Bertucci's, please spend a moment observing our cooks work the brick oven to perfection. Taste our signature pizzas, fresh roasted vegetables or maybe a brick-oven baked lasagna and you will know why there's a brick oven at the center of every Bertucci's.

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