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1509 17th Street, NW , , District of Columbia 20050

202 332 9200

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Komi serves a set multi-course tasting dinner for $135 per person, beginning with a series of mezzethakia – small, light dishes – and progressing to heartier flavors, including pasta and a family-style entrée, followed by desserts. There are no printed menus. We offer an optional wine pairing for $70. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate groups larger than four.

Business Hours

We accept reservations by telephone only at 202 332 9200, starting one month in advance to the date of your planned dinner. Our reservation line is open Tuesday-Saturday, 12:00 - 4:00 PM.

Editorial Reviews

Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post | October 10, 2013

Komi requires its audience to trust it. There's no menu to choose from and your waiter doesn't offer much more of a forecast than this: The meal will segue from light to heavy, from fish to meat. "Ready?" he asks.I'm always open to eating whatever Johnny Monis wants me to eat, be it a single scallop capped with a coin of persimmon, great raw fish from Tokyo, rabbit pate on sourdough toast or a single (and perfect) raviolo stuffed with earthy blood sausage. What links the many courses at this modern Greek restaurant is a reverence for great ingredients and superb taste.

Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post | October 21, 2012

Luxury dining isn't dead, much of it is just different than what it used to be. Take Komi, the temple of modern Greek cooking presided over by Washington's most guarded chef, Johnny Monis. Flowers are absent from the table, and there's no longer bread to launch the meal. Diners may be dressed as if for casual Friday at the office. So what makes some of us willing to shell out $500 a couple for several hours?

Todd Kliman, The Washingtonian | September 1, 2008

Johnny Monis has made Komi into the most soulful and personal restaurant in DC—and maybe the best. Monis hasn't hired a publicist and doesn't plan to. He doesn't make appearances, attend promotional events, or make the rounds of the dining room, as bottom-line-minded chefs are wont to do. At some point during a meal at Komi, his extraordinary DC restaurant east of Dupont Circle, you may catch a glimpse of him near the kitchen.



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