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Little Ricky's

3522 12th Street, NE , Washington, District of Columbia 20017

202 525 2120

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Little Ricky's is a new gastronomic addition to the cityscape of DC's Brookland neighborhood. The restaurant is named after the son of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo of the "I Love Lucy" fame. The owner's characterization of Little Ricky's being "An American Paladar" refers to one of the first home-based eateries that the Cuban communist regime allowed Cuban citizens in Havana to operate as a "free enterprise" business offer food to tourist and locals alike.

Little Ricky's has a simple but pleasant, upbeat ambience and truly friendly staff. The food is prepared daily with fresh ingredients. Dishes range from traditional Cuban entres such as Ropa Vieja, Pollo Encebollado, Masitas de Puerco, Picadillo, and Gambas al Ajillo, to lighter but equally satisfying foods such as plaintain soup, salads and an assortment of appetizers and side orders. Also, it offers burgers and sandwiches, including the famous Cuban sandwich. The bar provides an assortment of signature cocktails, premium spirits, and domestic and international beers and wines. Ambience, service, food quality and affordability all contribute to make Little Ricky's a favorite among Cuban food lovers in the DC Metro area who may be pocket conscious also.

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Little Ricky's - Welcome addition needs seasoning
By Tim Carman, The Washington Post | April 5, 2013

I've always liked Brookland and its Main Street vibe, which helps humanize the stony, well-scrubbed facade that Washington loves to show the world. The Northeast neighborhood has been pushing for development to update its aging small-town image, and yet its 12th Street drag still looks like a commercial strip that gentrification regularly teases but rarely kisses on the lips.  Which, in part, explains why Little Ricky's feels so fresh: The Cuban restaurant is so decidedly modern in concept that you realize how bereft of art and vision much of the 12th Street corridor is, save for an occasional splash of color and soul, like the Brookland Cafe.



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