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Sette Osteria - Dupont Circle

1666 Connecticut Avenue , Washington, District of Columbia 20009

202 483 3070

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Sette is Italian for seven, the traditional "lucky" number. The restaurant design is comfortable with a traditional Italian tone, and with a great "feel and flow." Sette Osteria is a destination place as well as a place for people walking in the area to come in and enjoy. The fare is traditional Italian cuisine, created by a talented Culinary team and served in a restaurant with an inviting modern style that is soft and appealing but still carries a theme of sophisticated Italian culture and international buzz.

Business Hours

Nightly complimentary parking service after 7:00pm. Parking garage entrance on R street. Large SUV's not accepted.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Review: Sette Osteria
Tom Sietsema, The Washington Post | July 4, 2004

One of the chief complaints I hear from Washington diners has nothing to do with inept service or underwhelming food, but with the paucity of affordable neighborhood restaurants. It's a frustration I share. While a person can eat very well at the top and bottom rungs of the price scale -- sources for foie gras and champagne, or a bowl of noodles washed back with tea, are relatively easy to find -- there's a yawning gap where solid, moderately priced dining rooms are concerned. Enter Sette Osteria, which flung open its doors in Dupont Circle in February and immediately packed 'em in with a menu of pizza, pasta and wines that celebrates the goods of southern Italy.



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