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Crisp & Juicy Peruvian Chicken - Tenleytown

4533 Wisconsin Avenue, NW , Washington, District of Columbia 20016

202 966 1222

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The story of Crisp & Juicy Peruvian Chicken goes back to the year 1989 when an entrepreneurial couple, Jorge and Carmen Perez, decided to bring the delicious Latin American taste of their Peruvian chicken to the D.C. Metro area. The first Crisp & Juicy was opened in Arlington, Virginia. Today, there are several Crispy & Juicy stores in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Crips and Juicy has grown organically due in part to word of mouth and the loyal support of repeat customers who rave about the unique taste of a charbroiled Peruvian chicken, which has been seasoned and marinated in fresh herbs and condiments. Side dishes such as fried yucca and plantain, rice and beans, and coleslaw round out one of the best dinner deals around.

People have been known to drive long distances just to get their Crisp & Juicy fix because each store delivers delicious, nutritious and affordable food as well as prompt and friendly customer service. Crisp & Juicy's mission has been to consistently maintain the same unique cooking standards, one chicken at a time, and to keep its customers happy and looking forward to coming back. Jorge and Carmen hope that when people think of Peruvian or charbroiled chicken, they will be thinking of a mouth-watering, Crisp & Juicy chicken!

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